Understanding an SEO basic

While most business minded individuals have at least heard of search engine optimization, or seo, most are unaware of exactly how it works. The analytical side is technical and difficult to understand, but on page optimization is the first step to identifying yourself in the rankings.

On page optimization has several elements that are necessary to really show up in the rankings. Keywords, or words that consumers are inputting into search engines, should be ever present on your page if you want to be found. For instance, say you are an seo firm in Washington, DC. Most consumers looking for this type of service would google “seo dc” or “dc seo” in their queries. If your web page has mention of either of those words, be it in the titles, or the content on your web page, you are more likely to be found by consumers.

So how do you know what people are looking for? When first starting the process, thing like a consumer. If you are an seo company in DC, what would you type into a query? “seo dc?”, “seo firm dc?” “seo firms dc”? While there does not appear to be much difference between these phrases, there is. These phrases are your keywords, and are really the basic fundamental of seo.

Google uses a system called a web crawler to crawl websites for content, and if you are a dc seo firm with “seo dc” on the page, you are likely to come up more frequently. The trick is to not over use words in your content. If someone searches for “dc seo firms”, and your page has the phrase repeated 57 times in one paragraph, you can actually be penalized for overuse. The process is difficult, so taking extra time to really understand it is necessary.

If mastering seo is not something you have time for, or properly writing articles with awkward phrases such as “seo dc” is above your head, you can consider reselling seo, or hiring an seo reseller. Resellers take the hassle and frustrating away from the situation, and will handle the process for you. Whether looking to master it on your own, or hire help, seo is a pertinent element to the overall success of your business, and should not be overlooked.