What You Need to Know Before You SEO

As the field of internet marketing continues to be traversed, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is quickly becoming the model by which online marketers are guiding their advertising techniques. When looking to resell content to a professional SEO firm, there are a few SEO basics one must have knowledge of, to ensure their SEO company is providing the best SEO services possible. Here are a few tips and SEO basics your company needs to know before choosing an SEO marketing firm to outsource to…

1. High quality content is the vehicle that drives a successful SEO campaign. Ask your potential marketing company if they have a staff of writers who work in house. Make sure that your SEO content is not being generated overseas by individuals who barely know how to speak English, let alone compose articles and blog posts that will generate a buzz for your company.

2. One of the fundamental SEO basics is that your firm also offers well constructed web design. SEO content means nothing without a top notch website to back it up. If SEO generates clicks into your site, what good will it do if potential customers see a sloppy website? They will likely hit the “back” button and continue their search.

3. SEO basics that your company should cover do not stop at high quality writing and website design. Before you choose to resell your website, make sure that your firm will monitor social media and email campaigns as well. A regularly updated Facebook and Twitter page are great ways to build brand trust and reputation, and email marketing is still the number one generator of leads.

4. Options for methods of payment is one of the most important SEO basics. A reputable firm will have a Pay Per Click (PPC) option, allowing you to only pay for actual leads generated. PPC is the best way to ensure you are not paying too much for your service.

5. Last, but not least, monitoring the campaign is essential. When it comes to the list of SEO basics you should know, this one is necessary. Being able to see how effective your SEO campaign has been by regularly having access to you Click Through Rate (CTR) will be your key to deciding whether or not you should continue to resell and if your time with a firm has proven advantageous.

Know your SEO basics, and do some shopping around before making a final decision on what firm will be best for you. If you have any other suggestions or experiences to relay, please post them in the comment box below.