Do Not Get Swallowed up by Search Engines, Have an SEO Strategy

When you need search engine optimization, it can be tempting to simply use all of the free advice given by blogs and websites across the internet. It seems these days that every part time internet marketer is able to do a little SEO on the side. Creating an SEO strategy cannot be that difficult, can it?

Before you jump in for a little DIY SEO, consider the SEO basics. Every single day, Google sees approximately 3 billion searches. Google holds the majority share of the internet search engine market, with about 83% of all users preferring Google. Consider also that Google has its thumb on the rules and algorithms that determine how sites rank when everyone goes searching on its search engine. Approximately 70% of all search results that get clicked in search engines are organic results. This is where SEO comes in, since it uses the rules as a guide to raise natural rankings.

Any SEO company might specialize in SEO services, paid advertising, social media integration, and more. Creating an SEO campaign is about more than just optimizing a website for search engines, it is about promoting that site, creating connections back to it, and generating leads. Integrating high quality content is a task in and of itself. Content creation involves writing articles which engage audiences, and create links back to the website. Creating content might include the following.

  • Content sharing via social media.
  • Related keywords for relevance.
  • Incorporating title and meta tags.
  • In some cases, establishing Google authorship.

Link building, website optimization, and in some cases brand building and reputation management are also included in an SEO strategy. Did you know that 34% of people choose to share their feelings about a company with social media? What it comes down to is that SEO is a complex web, with many moving parts and requiring many different skill sets. Writing, social media savvy, coding, and marketing are all pieces in the puzzle.

Make sure your SEO strategy is either in line with what a professional SEO firm would hope to accomplish, or, that your strategy is to hire an SEO marketing firm. Search engine optimization is wildly important to the success of businesses both large and small. As future generations become more comfortable using the internet to determine where they want their products and services to come from, SEO will be the key to making sure that they end up visiting your site. So what will your strategy be?