Three Simple SEO Techniques

In case you were living under a rock, search engine optimization, or SEO, is the most effective online marketing strategy there is. An SEO strategy is meant to increase a site’s online visibility through an improvement in search engine rankings. The idea is that the more web traffic a site receives, the more business leads it gets. The more business leads, the more sales.

However, knowing what the SEO basics are and knowing how to implement an SEO campaign are two different things. SEO techniques can get pretty complex and complicated, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed whilst learning them. To keep you from getting too stressed out, here are a few of the more simple SEO techniques, which can be easily implemented in your spare time.

1. Keep Your Site Updated.

Think about things from the search engines’ perspectives. They want to deliver their users the most high-quality, relevant results. An big indicator of quality and relevancy is the publication date. If a page is seven years old, it likely doesn’t contain the latest, most up-to-date information on a given subject, so it’ll rank lower than a page that was updated last month. Websites have got to be updated frequently.

The easiest SEO techniques to accomplish these goals are to start blogs or news sections for your site. This will allow you to publish fresh content, build pages, and incorporate more keywords.

Another benefit of such SEO techniques is that your site will accrue more pages and more content the more frequently it’s updated. This means that your site will get more keywords woven in, which increases its odds of generating search engine traffic.

2. Create a Sitemap.

Another of the most simple SEO techniques is to build a sitemap. You see, search engines’ indexing programs, which are referred to as spiders (since they crawl around the world wide web) analyze new websites or new content and add it to the lists of pages that will get displayed as a response to users’ search queries.

Building a sitemap makes it easier for spiders to crawl around your site. This is a page that lists links to every other page on the website. There are tons of automated tools that you can use to generate these vital pages to make your life easier, and you always have the option of doing it by hand if your site is small enough.

3. Build Your Internal Links.

Your site’s visitors should be able to get anywhere on your site within three clicks. In order to do that, you’ve got to build a good network of internal links. This another of the SEO techniques meant to expedite a spider’s movements and cataloguing of your page. You can build internal links by having a more robust toolbar, linking back to earlier blog posts in more recent ones, including links on one section directly to corresponding sections, and more. Building these links can really help users find the info they’re looking for.

These are just a few of the SEO techniques that you can do quickly and directly affect your site’s search ranking. If you have any questions about these SEO techniques, feel free to ask in the comments.