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The ability to anticipate to deal with any sudden events, and to ensure that the tasks are carried on regardless. Managers like this believe that anything that can go wrong will happen. They are prepared for any eventuality.
A poor resource management strategy can have negative effects

A poor management of resources can result in a decline in employee performance. If resources aren’t assigned according to the skills of employees and interests, employee motivation can decrease, and productivity decrease. When choosing resources for various initiatives, selecting expensive qualified resources rather than cost-effective workers will eventually increase the project’s cost.

If resources aren’t properly allocated, the process can be sloppy. The result is that clients could be dissatisfied if deadlines are missed. Customers who are unhappy with the quality of your products and services could leave to find better options elsewhere. Additionally, you may be exposed to high levels of turnover among employees as well as when employees’ skills aren’t used to their best the employee is demotivated If you are overworking them you could find them feeling burnout. When distributing resources, you need to consider all of these elements.

Resource management in any business is a crucial element. The way a company manages many types of resource has an impact on its success or lack of it. If you’re planning to pursue a career in resource management, the above sources for business management should give you a solid start.