What are the Parts of a Forklift? – Morgantown WV Business News


Many components are part of the forklift. This includes the mast, the carriage as well as forks, counterweights, and hydraulic cylinders:

Mast – The vertical part is the home of the lifting mechanism, and is used to guide the forks. Carriage – the horizontal assembly that supports the forks and moves them up and down Forks – the arms that are tapered and long to support loads and support them Counterweight – located at near the rear of the machine. It serves as a balancer for the lifting load and stop the forklift from tipping over Hydraulic cylinders – control the lifting and lowering of the forks , as well as the mast

The operator’s cab is another vital component. It provides an environment that is comfortable and secure for the operator to work the machine.

Tires are another crucial component of forklifts. They are rigid or pneumatic, depending upon the type of terrain as well as other elements. It can run on gasoline, diesel or electrical energy.

It is essential to be familiar with the various parts of a forklift, and the way they operate. Every part has an important function and helps make the machine more efficient. Safety and longevity of the machine can be ensured by proper maintenance.