What Does a Palatal Expander Do? – Uncovering the Dental Implant Process

Do you think that I can get a palatal expander?” It’s a simple question. A child’s mouth develops quickly between 7 to 8 years old. This video on YouTube “Getting an Palatal Expander” explains the function of a palatal expander. The orthodontist who treats children usually places the palatal expansion device in with the children. The palatal expander is only necessary for about a month or so in young children. Since the jaws are growing and developing, this is why it is only required for a month or two in children. Adults with jaws that have been shaped and consolidated take longer.
Do Palatal Expanders Work?

The palatal extender is a device that can expand the mouth. An palatal extender expands the lower jaw that is narrow. If your child is experiencing the problem of crowding their teeth the palatal expander can be a lifesaver. The orthodontic specialist has an extra space in the upper jaw, allowing them to move the teeth that are crowded into their proper place. In addition to reducing the amount of space the palatal extender helps to correct overlapping teeth. At the time that a child enters puberty, the jaw becomes more solid and stays at its widest place.

The main reason for teeth that narrow is because of an issue with the bones. Braces can correct the teeth however they don’t improve the jawline. This is why a palatal extender is needed.